Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Business Womens Referrals Challenge – Getting To Know You

The SN4BW Business Women’s Referrals Challenge is already a week in and I hope that many of you are already interacting with each other and getting to know each other.  If you are not quite sure how to get started then let me help you! We’ll be holding a Twitter event on Thursday, rather than have it at a specific time, you can just join in when you are available.  I will post some getting... [Read more]

Women Business Owners & The Power of Guided Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking is a natural aspect of business for women business owners, especially those with families. The fact is if you are a woman business owner, you are most likely already a multi-tasker of epic proportions. You know how to combine family, childcare and business tasks. Whether it’s carpooling, deliveries, and business errands, or phoning clients, babysitters and arranging multiple... [Read more]

Join SN4BW Skype Public Chat

We all have different preferences in how we communicate with friends, colleagues, clients and referral partners.  As you know one of my motto’s is to test and measure everything.  So here is another test and measure experiment to see how we get on using a Skype Public Chat Room to discuss this months challenge. The beauty of Skype chats is that you can you pick them up when you have time and... [Read more]

What Can You Do For Me?

Most potential clients that either land on your website or visit one of your social networking profiles will ask themselves “what can you do for me?”.  That leads me to the question – is your marketing message clear? Do you stand above the competition or do you get lost in the crowd? Why should clients come to you rather than going elsewhere? November is SN4BW’s Business Women’s... [Read more]

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing or referrals, is one of the best and the cheapest forms of marketing, which many people fail to ask for, nor do they build this into their marketing strategy.  Even if you are too shy to ask for a referral there are other ways to get a referral without directly having to ask for one. You can make it known that you offer a referral fee or set up an affiliate program to help... [Read more]

Setting Up Your Twitter Profile

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